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Whether you are a brand new church planter with a dream to change the world or a seasoned ministry veteran with decades of experience, these posts will help you articulate what you've always felt deep within you.

To Fill the Whole Universe

by Peyton Jones Paul shares the blueprints of Jesus’s masterplan of filling the world with Himself through His church  in Ephesians 4:10-12″   “He who descended is the very one…

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Catalyzing Strike Teams

Today, we’re so used to how church planting has been done over the past 10-20 years that we often don’t realize how different our methods are from the Christians of the first century. When the Apostle Paul planted churches, he didn’t do it as a solo sport. Paul catalyzed teams to plant churches, which is…
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What Is Team Leadership?

When most people hear the term “team leadership,” they misunderstand the term…at least the way NewBreed uses it. Usually, team leadership means something like the top dog listening to what others have to say. Or that subordinates have a high degree of ownership. Or even that you have a fun staff culture. True team leadership…
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Expanding Our Reach

This year, we have been fortunate to establish strong partnerships with church planters and catalysts both in the U.S. and abroad. In the United States, Exponential, the largest gathering of church planters in the world, has been giving us opportunities to change the conversation on church planting. We lead their main church planting programming at…
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Foundry Training Center

Last year, we cast the vision for opening an in-person training center in the San Diego area to train bivocational church planters and act as an Ephesus-style planting hub. This generated more excitement than any of our other initiatives and we are pleased to say that our team has made progress towards opening the center.…
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The Church Plantology Pathway

As our team trained church planters in various parts of the world, one of the things we realized is that church planter training is not usually very robust. It’s like there’s pathstones scattered between a dozen different organizations that each do one thing really well. But church planters have to search high and low, then…
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Global Church Planting

This time last year, NewBreed’s resources were being used by church planters in 48 countries. At the time, we were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of the global church, yet praying for greater impact.  Today, we are excited to share that our resources are now being used in 72 countries! That’s 50% more than last year!…
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