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Whether you are a brand new church planter with a dream to change the world or a seasoned ministry veteran with decades of experience, these posts will help you articulate what you've always felt deep within you.

To Fill the Whole Universe

by Peyton Jones Paul shares the blueprints of Jesus’s masterplan of filling the world with Himself through His church  in Ephesians 4:10-12″   “He who descended is the very one…

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Relearning God

A.W. Tozer opened up his seminal work Knowledge of the Holy with “We are called to an everlasting pre-occupation with God.” Everlasting means eternal, and we don’t wait until our deaths to gaze at God. Despite this common misconception, eternity commences while we still draw breath, and our eternal preoccupation with your creator only amplifies…
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The Barbie Dream Team

If you’ve seen the Barbie movie recently, it might have you feeling nostalgic. Remember the Barbie Dreamhouse? The ultimate edition to a barbie collection. Instead of a Dreamhouse, our team stopped and thought, what would a Barbie Dream Team look like? We’re all about team leadership here at NewBreed, emphasizing the roles of each APEST…
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First-Century Participation

The early church spread rapidly because of the involvement of everyday believers. There wasn’t an elite SWAT team of missionaries establishing churches left and right; multiplication would have bottlenecked behind their efforts. Instead, it was the faithful witness of the entire body of believers that spread the gospel like wildfire. So how do you get…
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Welcome to No-Man’s Land

“No-man’s-land” is a rather ominous term used in reference to uninhabitable spaces, such as land between foes, dangerous regions, deserted buildings, or, figuratively, “a state of confusion or uncertainty.” Only recently did I learn that it is also an actual place. Nomans Land, Massachusetts, is a real 612-acre island that was used as a bombing…
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The Hobbit and Engaging on Mission

When I was a kid I had a cassette tape that came with a book of the Hobbit. It was part of the “See, Hear, and Read” series. The baritone voice of the narrator came on saying, “This is the story of the Hobbit. You can read along in your book. You will know that…
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Developing Extraordinary Faith

In 2013, our friends Scott and Jen Obremski felt led to start a new church in Kansas City, Missouri. Upon hearing about this new venture, Ashley and I sensed that God wanted us to go too. We knew God was up to something special, because He spoke to many people-individuals, couples, and families-about participating in…
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