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Whether you are a brand new church planter with a dream to change the world or a seasoned ministry veteran with decades of experience, these posts will help you articulate what you've always felt deep within you.

To Fill the Whole Universe

by Peyton Jones Paul shares the blueprints of Jesus’s masterplan of filling the world with Himself through His church  in Ephesians 4:10-12″   “He who descended is the very one…

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Deconstruction Isn’t the Bad Guy—Here’s Why

When I first accepted Jesus into my heart, it didn’t work. Well, not like I thought it would. I was seven years old when I attended a power team event with my dad and brother. We watched in awe as these 80s-looking, overly muscular, non-steroid (I think), tank top wearing weight lifters performed the most…
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Pop Culture

When I first published Church Zero ten years ago, the biggest criticism I received was that it was too full of pop culture. The reality was, I had just come off the mission field in post-Christian Europe where the biblical illiteracy was at an all-time low. Church attendance of any mosque, Buddhist temple, or Christian…
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Team Leadership Unveiled

When it comes to remarkable team dynamics and extraordinary leadership, the Guardians of the Galaxy stand out as an emblem of diversity, cooperation, and sheer brilliance. This intergalactic band of misfits, initially brought together by chance, has evolved into a force to be reckoned with, thanks to their unique combination of teamwork, variety of gifts…
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Jesus Isn’t a Magic Genie

In the beginning of the book of Acts, we find the disciples still waiting on God for an answer to a sensitive subject. The “eleven” apostles have to tackle this problem about Judas, one of their own, who betrayed Jesus and then hung himself. They needed a 12th apostle. The word apostle means means missionary,…
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5 Voices that Lead to Dangerous Disciplemaking

Editorial note: we highlight a lot of books at NewBreed, but every now and then we come across one that’s really exciting. Jessie’s book Ordinary Discipleship is one of those, and we’re thrilled to share this excerpt. It’s one of 5 books I keep extra copies of on hand because everyone needs to read it.…
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Lessons from Paul’s Missionary Journeys

Last week, NewBreed kicked off the Church Plantology cohort and had a blast talking about church planting with leaders from all around North America. Below is a behind the scenes look at what one of the cohort’s topics: Lessons from Paul’s Missionary Journeys. Click here to learn more about the cohort experience. Join the Next…
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