CPP #490: The Jesus Shaped Journey with Sean Blomquist (pt. 2/2)

This week’s episode is part two of our interview from last week with Sean Blomquist, coach, mentor, “rabbi,” and is on the leadership team with the San Francisco branch of 3 Dimensional Ministries, or 3DM. He’s worked hard to frame the discipleship journey in the way of Jesus, the journey to the cross, or the “Jesus-shaped journey.” They talk about freeing people from the bondage of feeling like you have to answer every question as a church planter, the hero’s journey for the church planter and pastor, and about entering into the journey of formation in a way that embraces the formation instead of running away from it. 

Sean is our most available guest yet–in order to learn more from Sean, you can send him a text message at 925-212-9498. 


The Jesus-Shaped Journey 

The Hero’s Journey 

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