The Making Disciples Cohort

Learn how to make disciples of Jesus.

Morning Option begins January 15, 2023 • 8 weeks of content • Mondays at 10:00am Eastern Time

Evening Option begins January 15, 2023 • 8 weeks of content • Mondays at 6:30pm Eastern Time

Discover how to Disciple Like Jesus

Jesus spent the majority of his ministry training his disciples to be like him and do what he did. After becoming a follower of Jesus and learning to become like him, the very next step is helping others trust and follow him as well. It's a critical juncture in living the way of Jesus.

Disciplology Year
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Led by Peyton Jones, NewBreed's CEO

Peyton Jones is a serial church planter, author, speaker, outreach consultant, and founder of NewBreed Training. Peyton served as a youth pastor, assistant pastor, and interim pastor of the mega church Refuge Huntington Beach that has served as his sending church since 1999 when he embarked on a 12-year mission to Wales, UK. Originally serving as the Evangelist at Dr. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones’s historic Sandfields church, Peyton served as the both the interim pastor, and helped them plant their first church. From there, Peyton engaged in a replant of a Baptist congregation in West Wales, which grew and led to Peyton planting a collegiate church in a neutral venue based around discussion groups. Peyton’s church planting experience include planting a church out of a Starbucks, which multiplied three churches, to planting a church in urban Long Beach, that also planted two other churches.

Here's the Breakdown...

Module 1: Being a Disciple

  • Jesus the Disciple Maker
  • The Imitation Game
  • His Life
  • His Doctrine

Module 1: Making a Disciple

  • First Steps in Discipling Someone
  • Introducing Someone to Jesus
  • How People Change
  • Repeating the Cycle

Don't Just Take it From Us, Hear from Leaders We've Trained...

What Peyton helped me learn was ways to look inwardly and struggle with the "real" stuff: what are the values of the plant, and not just so they look cool on paper, but what is truly, really the core DNA of the church that God is calling you to? What is the mission? Who are you trying to reach? There is so much more that I could say, but I will end it with this: I have known God's providence and provision and this cohort was exactly what I needed in the season of preparing to plant.

– Marcus from South Carolina

The cohort did an incredible job on painting a modern day picture of how the early church looked. This gave light to how they were so successful and how we can apply, seemingly simple, yet nearly lost, characteristics of ministry. This forces one reimagine Church in ways which remove so many obstacles, making things so much more possible.

– Vincent from Montreal, Canada

I was affirmed that there are more believers out there that have the same burden and urgency on their heart that the Lord gave me as well. I will be able to take the material, and use the same method of training to raise up leaders in my context.

– Jeavon