Church Planting Doesn’t Have to be Overwhelming

God has already given you the tools you need. We train you how to discover and leverage them.

What's Included In the Online Community...

  • Peer-to-peer coaching from other planters and multiplying leaders
  • Interaction with Peyton and Andrea, and other leaders in real time
  • Updates and access to our new training courses and tools dropping every month like Missional Engagement, Character Essentials, and Crafting an APEST Gathering
  • A monthly discussion group and Q&A session over zoom (you’ll receive a recording if you miss it)
  • A chance to interact with the authors of our blogs and speakers on our podcasts

What's the Community All About?

Watch this short video from our founder, Peyton Jones, as he answers the most common questions about NewBreed's community.


A guarantee from Peyton Jones

"You have my strong guarantee that we will walk with you through the work of planting, and the hard work to be done before it. At Newbreed, we care more for you than for your plant. If you’re healthy, your plant will also be healthy. If you sign up, and aren’t happy I will give you a money back guarantee within 14 days. I am convinced I won’t need to however. Newbreed is robust in what it offers. I built the network I wish I’d had, and trust that you will notice the difference this makes."

Mac Lake: Multiply Group

"There is no person on the planet that I would rather sit with and talk church planting. Peyton has a way of reaching back into New Testament times, pulling out rich insights and making practical applications for church planting today. Any church planter that digests this material will avoid crucial mistakes, build a strong team and reach the unreached."

Shane and Melissa Beauvais: Church Planters with the Nazarene Church

"We began using Jumpschool in August with our core group. As a whole, we have thoroughly enjoyed the teaching it is bringing each week. Each session adds a new layer to our understanding of how God has created us. Each unique with passions and gifts to be used corporately within the body—no more relying solely on the pulpit leader for everything under the sun. Even though we are experienced planters from a more traditional Western model, the teaching within Jump School helped us unlearn what we have clung to for so long as the necessity for ministry success. William Bridges once said, “before people can begin something new, they have to end what used to be and unlearn the old way.” Jump School has granted permission to those in our group to go out and “be” the church, utilizing each passion and gifting to experience God’s plan fully. With easy to follow guides and fun engagements each week and action items to take with us, we aren’t just listening to someone give class, but actual participants while seeing the fruit it is bringing each week. Kingdom-minded multiplication occurs when people are encouraged to allow their passions to guide the ministries direction, and Jump School does just that. Our numbers are growing each week, which is incredible, but the excitement that drives spiritual growth is what cares for our village."

Charlie Marquez: Two Time Church Planter

"I met Peyton Jones at a New Breed Jump School in Huntington Beach, CA in the summer of 2010. I was new to church planting but had begun to investigate it as a calling for my life and ministry. Hearing from him that day, at Jump School, was incredibly helpful. I met someone who had been there before, got some practical teaching on the “why’s” and “how’s” of church planting, and all that while staying close to my Calvary Chapel roots. I appreciate that Peyton took the time to begin corresponding with me via email and eventually phone calls, while he was still in Wales. Since he has moved back to the US, we have begun working together. Now that I have stepped out to plant (currently working with a core team), his support, friendship, and practical experience have been a lifeline during this tumultuous time. I look forward to a long and Christ-glorifying relationship with Peyton and New Breed."

Barry Waters: Planter and Intern

"Andrea and Peyton have had such a massive impact on my life it's hard to put into words. Before I met them and started coming to Pillar I was completely lost in more ways than one. I had grown up in a Christian family but had strayed some way from the path. I began going to Pillar after weeks of being nagged by my brother and a my best friend to come. They kept telling me how different Pillar was to church and that I needed to hear this crazy American pastor, so I went along. I loved it, and kept going. Before long I realised that I had finally found a place where I truly belonged. The people at Pillar became like a second family. I quickly struck up a friendship with Peyton as we bonded over our love for rock music and comic books. Andrea was always a constant source of encouragement during those first few steps of my Christian life, her warmth and kindness radiated through Pillar and made it a place you wanted to be. Peyton became some what of a mentor to me and helped me find purpose by serving at Pillar, where I eventually discovered my true calling through teaching Sunday school that and am now pursing a career in teaching. Peyton's teaching and spiritual guidance has brought me from baby steps to a point where i am now running free. He constantly challenged me and has instilled in me a thirst for knowing God. I am eternally thankful for the influence they have had on my life and am blessed to be able to call them friends."