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In too many ministry circles, power gets concentrated in the hands of a few, or even just one. We professionalize and specialize gospel work to the point that no one is qualified without a seminary degree and a charismatic personality.

The result?

Our ministries don't grow past the influence of that talented top tier.

We end up like Moses – burnt out because every need has to come before us for judgement.

But what if we equipped and empowered others to do the work of ministry? Well, we'd be starting to talk about multiplication...and that's just what our team did on the Church Plantology Podcast. We interviewed multiplying leaders from different parts of the world to see what they had in common. And none of them concentrated power in their own hands. Listen to the episode below to get the full story.

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Church planters and ministry leaders featured on this episode: Patrick Selowa (South Africa), Pastor "Sarat" (East India), Nathan Rostampour (Iran/USA), Steve Addison (Australia), Rob Wegner (USA), Bruno Da Luz (Brazil).

Podcast series personnel:

  • Narration: Peyton Jones
  • Producer: Brooks Hamon
  • Writers: Peyton Jones and Brooks Hamon
  • Research and Coordination: Rob Bullock, Ryan Castillero, Lee Carter, Thobi Qinisile, Santosh Chandran, Lilian Mutambi, Thony Ronaldo, Andrew Earnshaw, Lucas Sequira.
  • Interviews and translation: Peyton Jones, Brooks Hamon, Ryan Castillero, Kellyn Amodeo, Bobby Thomas, Jennifer Mancharia, Heather Crane, Daniel Clavijo, Ninoska Alegria.
  • Voiceovers: Michael Kar, Camilo S, Javo Arias, Harsh Patel, Shubh Gupta, Fahd Faheem, Austyn Goveas, Mitul Gohel, Abhinav Baner, Yuri Feltrin.

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