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Team Leadership Podcast

Are you a church leader looking to expand God's Kingdom but feel like you're doing it alone? Then the Team Leadership Podcast by NewBreed Training is a must-listen for you! This podcast emphasizes the importance of teamwork and how to equip your team to be the spiritual powerhouse that God intended. Through this podcast, you'll learn how to activate and empower your team to work together to achieve greater results and impact for your church and community.

Co-hosts and veteran ministry leaders Peyton Jones, Andrea Jones, and Barry Waters provide practical tips and strategies for leading and building a strong, cohesive team that is focused on achieving a shared vision. You'll learn how to identify each team member's strengths and weaknesses and how to leverage those qualities to maximize team productivity. Anyone interested in developing their leadership skills and teamwork abilities will find this podcast valuable.

In a world that often emphasizes individual success and achievement, the Team Leadership Podcast reminds us of the power of teamwork. By listening to this podcast, you'll be inspired to work together with others to achieve something greater than what you could accomplish on your own. So, whether you're a church leader, business owner, or simply interested in personal development, give the Team Leadership Podcast a listen and discover how to build a team that can accomplish amazing things!