Exploring Church Planting


If you’re considering planting a church or just beginning the process, this free course is for you! Exploring Church Planting introduces the fundamentals of what it means to plant a church and the qualifications the Bible lays out for leaders. Not shirking from the hard conversations, church planting veteran Peyton Jones will unpack the brutal realities of why so many would-be planters call it quits before their church becomes self-sustaining.


Module 1 – Introduction to Church Planting

  1. What is Church Planting?
  2. Church Planting Takes Faith
  3. Church Planting is Hard
  4. Church Planting is a Team Effort
  5. Church Planting has a Steep Learning Curve

Module 2 – Sentness

  1. The Nature of Being Sent
  2. The Church Planter’s Character
  3. The Church Planter’s Gifting
  4. The Church Planter’s Spouse
  5. Church Planters’ Motives

Module 3 – Leadership

  1. What Leadership Means
  2. Leading Yourself
  3. Leading Your Home
  4. Leading by Peacemaking
  5. Reproducing Your Leadership in Others

Did You Know?

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Is God leading you to take a next step in ministry? Could that next step be planting a church? Beware, church planting isn’t for the faint of heart, but if it’s for you then you need to be prepared.

Exploring Church Planting is a free course that is designed to give you an overview of church planting and help you decide if this is your next step. We won’t sugar coat anything, it’s tough and not everyone makes it, but it’s best to know that going in. The course’s fifteen lessons are designed to be processed over a period of 1-2 months, with a new lesson every few days, however you can work at your own pace.