Goal Setting


Goal Setting: A Minister’s Guide to Maximizing Your Efforts

We’ve all been there. The frustration rising as it dawns on us that we won’t be meeting a particular goal. Maybe it was an intention to pray more. Maybe the goal was to lose weight. Or maybe it was to speak more kindly to people. The reality is, it’s tough to change our ways a meet a new goal.

Over the years, Peyton Jones has fallen short of a few goals as well. But in the process, he’s learned a few keys that help him achieve what he previously thought was impossible. In this free download, Peyton walks through six different kinds of goals – how to set them and run after them in a way that makes a lasting difference.

Six Types of Goals:

  • Intellectual
  • Physical
  • Production
  • Relational
  • Recreational
  • Spiritual

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It’s said that the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is today. The same is true for goals. Take a step toward maximizing your efforts today. What are you waiting for?

This resource is available in English and French. Contact our team to request a translation.