Church Plantology Sample Chapter


In this Chapter, You’ll Learn About…

  • Church Planting vs Church Starting
  • The Science of Rediscovery
  • The Intersection of Church History, Practice, and Scripture
  • Five Commands from Jesus that Result in New Churches
  • Paul’s Six Church Planting Practices
  • Ten Principles of Church Plantology
  • The Art of “Futuring”
  • The Need for Reformation in Mission

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This book will ask you to peer at the pictures taken of the first-century apostles and ask you to listen to them. If you’re open to it, the apostles felt the same things you do. They were unsure, wondering how they got picked for Jesus’s team. They felt full of doubts and faith in equal measure. But they have much to say to us. If you’ll lean in a little bit further, and strain yourselves to hear, you’ll hear them whisper: Carpe Diem. Seize the day, planters. Make your lives extraordinary.