Preaching Guides Collection


Communicating God’s word is a critical component of discipling new believers and spreading the gospel. However, most of us are not naturally gifted or equipped to analyze the core of some form of writing and conveying it to an audience. That’s where these preaching guides come in. They are designed to help church planters or other leaders prepare to communicate God’s Word through a series of thought-provoking questions. While intended for use in sermon preparation, they can be helpful to prepare someone to lead a small group or other types of gatherings.

These preaching guides are organized around types of biblical literature, crafted uniquely to help you understand and communicate how each form of literature is expressed in scripture. The guides include:

  • Preaching on Narratives
  • Preaching on Poetry
  • Preaching on Prophecies
  • Preaching on the Epistles

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Whether you’re a seasoned leader or just starting out, these guides will help you think critically and apply God’s word. Because messages need to be tailored to your audience, there’s no one way to communicate a passage; what you’ve experienced success with in the past might not work as well with a different audience. That’s why these guides are powerful – they help you take a step back and consider a passage in new light.