Rediscovering Church Planting


If you’re planting a church, what you need isn’t the next new thing, it’s getting back to the basics. The early church multiplied across the Mediterranean and they same principles they relied on back then still work today. Rediscovering Church Planting offers a concise overview of 10 principles that will help you reach the lost in your community.

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The 10 principles, originally laid out in Church Plantology, can be found in scripture, church history, and best global missionary practices, allowing you to plant anytime, anywhere, with anyone.

  • Rediscovering 1st Century Ministry: Going from church starting to church
  • Rediscovering Apostolic Ministry: From Moses’ Model to Missionary
  • Rediscovering Team Leadership: From Top-Down Leadership to Embodying Christ on Mission
  • Rediscovering Apostolic Strike Teams (Fist Leadership): From Solo Performer to Catalyzing Teams
  • Rediscovering God’s Heart for Mission: From Borrowed Models to Broken-Hearted Compulsion
  • Rediscovering First-Century Participation: From Solo Performers to Team Mobilizers
  • Rediscovering the Spirit’s Empowering: From Fake Bravado to Spiritual Power
  • Rediscovering Church as Mission: From Scattering on Mission to Gathering on Mission
  • Rediscovering Reproducible Sustainability: From Fully Funded to Apostolically Agile
  • Rediscovering Kingdom Collaboration Networks for Multiplication: From Building Upward to Spreading Outward

This resource is available in English and Spanish. Contact our team to request a translation.