NewBreed in the Middle East

Serving church planters in 9 countries: Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates

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Our Work in the Middle East...

Ministry work in the Middle East is a dangerous affair. Even when it's not illegal to be a Christian, it's often illegal to share the gospel. Christians face persecution from the government, vigilantes, and at times, even their own family. Church plants must necessarily be small, agile, and empower every believer to carry with them the seed of a new church plant.

Training church planters from the Middle East is challenging and vigilantes may even pose as church planters for the purpose of rooting them out. We therefore take the security and safety of those we serve seriously. So, while we cannot share the details of how we train leaders in the Middle East, we can share that we are constantly encouraged by their bravery and dedication to sharing the gospel.