Adaptive Leadership


If you’ve ever been overwhelmed from keeping up with ministry or unsure how to adapt to a constantly changing society, then this course is for you. Featuring contributions from global ministry leaders like Rich Villodas, Mindy Caliguire, Ralph Moore, Larry Walkemeyer, Brian Sanders, and more, The Adaptive Leadership Course will equip you with timeless principles that will guide you well in uncertainty and bolster the health of your ministry.


Module 1 – Adaptive Vitality

  1. Introduction to Adaptive Leadership
  2. Leading in an Age of Anxiety
  3. Caring for Your Soul

Module 2 – Adaptive Discipleship

  1. Increasing Interaction
  2. Discipleship in Community

Module 3 – Adaptive Models

  1. The Flexibility of Micro Churches
  2. Micro Churches in the Real World

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Adaptive Leadership

We live in an ever-changing society and ministry leaders must constantly adapt and experiment with new approaches in order to keep up. This can easily become overwhelming. How do you know you’re focusing on the right things? Working hard enough? Getting the results you need?

The Adaptive Leadership Course is designed to help you navigate the challenges of today with timeless principles from the Bible instead of the latest tips that will be outdated by next Tuesday. It focuses on three key areas: soul care, discipleship, and micro expressions of Church.