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Church Planter Podcast

Reaching the unreached with a different kind of church planter.

We don't need more cookie-cutter planters with slick marketing and $500k budgets. It just won't get us the sort of movement or impact we are hoping for.  If we want to see people find Jesus and become Jesus followers that make disciples, it is going to mean that church leaders and church planters lead like Jesus rather than like a business. If you want to reach the people no one else is reaching, you have to go where no one else is going and do what no one else is doing.

As the world shifts around us, church planting is changing faster than any of us imagined. Cultural issues, opportunities for the gospel, deconstruction, politics, funding....there's a huge number of things to consider as you prepare to plant the church God has put on your heart. As much as we think these things are important, we believe that what needs the work is the heart and soul of the church planter. As we grow and prepare to lead, we are transformed in the way of Christ and start to imagine what a Jesus shaped Community looks like. Join our community of missionary radicals, church planters going against the grain and plant churches that reach people no one else is reaching by going where no one else is going and doing what no one else is willing to do.