Course Building

You have the vision, we have the tools.

Partner with NewBreed to build your training.

NewBreed specializes in building interactive, cohort-based training. You can integrate NewBreed's materials, like Church Plantology or Train Like Jesus, into your church planting pipeline or partner with us to expand your existing frameworks.

Example: mDNA Toolkits for Movement Leaders Collective

NewBreed partnered with Movement Leaders Collective to create toolkits for each of the 6 elements of mDNA found in Alan Hirsch's book The Forgotten Ways.

The Toolkits include a Participant Guide, Facilitator's Guide, Overview, and Reference Questions. Over the course of 18 weeks, groups journey together to discover how to apply each element in the context of personal formation, community life, and on mission. The guides have a balance of content, reflection, and action.

toolkit example
Session 1 Facilitator Guide

Example: Church Plantology Training for Surge

Surge partnered with NewBreed to develop church planter training sessions based on Peyton Jones' book Church Plantology.

The training involved participant pre-work and exercises, along with facilitator guides. Those guides provide a suggested script, slides, discussion questions, and interactive coaching exercises to help planters discover principles for themselves.

Our team paid special attention to developing a simple, editable format and use simple language so that it was easily translatable and usable by planters for whom English was not their first language.

Ministries that have partnered with NewBreed

Together, our partners serve tens of thousands of church leaders every year.

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